01 Nov 2015

PHP-FPM Socket Passing

As noted on the PHP and Systemd wikis, PHP-FPM uses the FPM_SOCKETS variable to allow socket inheritance during reloads. While those examples (and all others I was able to find) use domain sockets, it's also possible to pass arbitrary TCP sockets with minimal fuss.

11 Feb 2015

Local DNS with dnsmasq on OS X

It's useful to be able to test web applications during development with hostnames that are more realistic than localhost, such as subdomain.my-web-app.dev. Using the dnsmasq package from MacPorts and OS X's support for manual nameserver assignment for specific domains, setting up resolution for local testing domains is pretty straightforward.

01 Jan 2015

2014 USA Cycling Membership Report.

This is a breakdown of the USA Cycling membership as of December 30, 2014.